Leadership Development Is Our Call

Leadership Development Is Our Call

Our Vision

Here at the Center for African Leadership Studies, we believe that everything rises and falls with leadership. Based in Ethiopia, CALS is the launchpad of choice for institutions all over Africa. Leadership means continuous learning and at CALS we transform African medical, business, governmental, and nonprofit organizations through training that produces value-based servant leaders.


We at CALS have a vision of a future where individuals and nations around the world flourish together in an ecosystem of friendship, collaboration, common good, and solidarity.

We offer confidentiality and the upmost respect to our community.We are a leading firm with a rich background and portfolio.We advocate for our clients and put their success first.
ConsistencyEfficiencyThe Why?
We offer the best service on a daily basis.We offer the best service within the agreed time frames.We know exactly the way to conduct our businesses and precisely why we do them.


Healthcare Leadership Development

Fundamentals of Leadership

Leadership for Entrepreneurs

School of Service Excellence

Professionalism & Work Ethics For New Employees

Women’s Leadership Development

Leadership for New Managers

Leadership for Peace, Reconciliation & Conflict Resolution


Our Impact

Hear from individuals who decided to take their organizations to another level by partnering with us for leadership development.

My organization has grown a lot a a result of the trainings that were attended by both myself and my team. CALS is truly a testament to what can happen when experts come together to make an impact on industries all over Ethiopia and also globally.

Hannes Garber


Center for

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